Winners and Losers: 2017 Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000

Winners and Losers: 2017 Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000
October 10, 2017 | 8:02 pm | Author: Steven Wright

Our regular post weekend feature is still continuing after what was a dramatic Bathurst 1000, which saw the first ever 2m03s lap in the shootout and the team of rejects winning Bathurst.

Here is our shortlist of winners and losers from last weekend.


  1. What a victory for the team of rejects, David Reynolds and Luke Youlden at Erebus! Think about it, a team that made the shock switch to Holden and shift to Melbourne beginning of last year. Also, Reynolds also mentioned this in the Fox Sports post-race show that Erebus is a team of rejects that are ready to prove themselves. It’s true, Reynolds is a Prodrive reject from late 2015, engineer Alistair McVean who was outed from HRT in June 2016 and their co-driver Youlden who lost his enduro ride end of last year. What this team for the rest of the year as they take it to the big guns.
  2. WOW, what a lap from Scott McLaughlin in the shootout. Yes we all know the car died before halfway on Sunday but that shootout lap was unbelievable. Our team might be too young to witness the 2003 ‘Lap of the Gods’ that Murphy did in the shootout, but to witness McLaughlin lap is OMG. We agree that what the Fox Sports crew dubbed ‘Lap of the Gods II’ is incorrect, we would call it ‘Lap of the Jandal’ since he was the one to make the ‘Jandal’ a thing in Supercars.
  3. Brad Jones’s son Macauley Jones put on an awesome performance in the Dunlop Super2 race was spectacular, to become the second 250km mini-enduro winner in the four attempts is pretty good as Dumbrell won the first three. Jones almost got a podium on Sunday too, but mistakes late in the race by Nick Percat ended any shot of a podium but ultimately got a DNF.
  4. Mr Richie Stanaway, what do we say about you. His driving skills in the wet would even be on par with the SVG wet skills we’ve seen in the past. If the race stayed green, no doubt that Stanaway and Waters would win the Bathurst 1000 and Mostert wasn’t far off the Stanaway pace. Stanaway is confident finding a full-time seat next year but hope its a competitive one for his sake.
  5. Walkinshaw RacingScott PyeWarren Luff all performed excellently when they needed to. Qualifying the ’94 Brock HRT tribute #02 Holden in 20th place is something they weren’t hoping for. Starting Luff in the car was the race-deciding moment for them as he drove up into the top ten against the main drivers, that probably saved his endurance seat for next year at Michael Andretti hinted international co-driver for next year. But Pye’s drive to hold off his former teammate Coulthard was something he had to prove to himself, as he will need to do the same thing he did in 2015 but at Walkinshaw Andretti United next year as it could be a powerhouse in the coming years.
  6. Garry Jacobson was one of the standout co-drivers but never got the recognition on the broadcast. If you look at the lap times, Jacobson’s times was consistently quicker than Bright during the wet laps which were tricky conditions. If Prodrive at a sixth seat available next year, this guy should be the one for it but Stanaway must be first pick and Jacobson second over any young talent at the moment.


  1. Well, well, well, Triple Eight Race Engineering. The never seemed to get their car in the ball park which shows the field has moved on from 2016. If you recall that Whincup and Red Bull were the class of the field at Mount Panorama last year and going back to the 2016 hard tyre would suit them but somehow it didn’t. Whincup and Lowndes missed the shootout, and Lowndes had no speed all Sunday. They need to go back to the drawing board otherwise bye bye championship for their two Red Bull hopefuls.
  2. Jamie Whincup lost a big points day after McLaughlin’s engine failure/DNF. It was 30 laps latter when the #88 Holden dropped a cylinder while running 11th and that was real time track position which is not good at their standards as the has been a Bathurst winning contender for the last ten years but not this year. His team needs to improve their performance and hope its a one-off.
  3. Yes Scott McLaughlin is on both lists, to lose 258 championship points to his teammate and now series leader Coulthard ends a disppointing Sunday. Don’t forget his lost his co-driver Premat for a few hours too.
  4. Brad Jones Racing, this team can’t catch a break, minus the Super2 win. Damaged race cars, massive rebuilds, building new cars, injured drivers, no full-time major backer on #8. They desperately need some good luck otherwise it be better working for LDM as there won’t many late nights in that team.

Photo: Daniel Kalisz/Getty Images AsiaPac