Apex Management Network experienced tremendous amount of growth in 2016 but now in 2017 we are outsourcing our talents for external users to benefit as well as ourselves. All services are reasonable priced and are negotiable depending on the times needed for your project.

Media/PR and Journalism

Apex Management Network’s approach to media and journalism is simple and straightforward which gives the viewers something interesting to read without the traditional corporate spin.

PR articles should always gather the interest from the reader aswell being informative without all the rubbish and fluff in the way.

This is done through a range of activities, including:

  • Distribution of news-quality media releases to our comprehensive database of contacts.
  • Sourcing appropriate images to accompany media releases.
  • Pitching news or feature stories into appropriate publications.

For more information contact Steven via email,

Photography and Videography

For more information contact Alan via email,