Nothing went right for Chahda at the Mountain

Nothing went right for Chahda at the Mountain
October 12, 2017 | 10:50 am | Author: Steven Wright

Dunlop Super2 regular Matthew Chahda suffered a series of bad luck at the 250km mini endurance race which stopped them showing their true performance.

Even though one of two non-finishers in the non-championship race at the Mountain, Chahda believes had a good balance and had solid race pace but the bad luck started at the beginning for the family team driver.

“Now the dust has well and truly settled on Bathurst 2017 and I can say we had a very disappointing weekend,” Chahda said.

“Even worse the car felt really good and capable of solid pace but just a case of everything that could go did go wrong through both practice, qualifying and the race.”

“A suspension failure causing a crash right at the start of our p2 put a serious dent in my track time missing an important 40 minute session.”

“The boys got the car fixed up for Qualifying and it was fast on the first tyre set even with just bedding brakes and getting a feel for it, but unfortunately before we got a chance on our green tyre set a wheel came loose and I wasn’t able to make it back around. Putting me out of qualifying!”

He wasn’t going to let the bad luck in practice and qualifying to keep himself down, but a jammed throttle killed his race and later decided to retire the car for safety reasons.

“We weren’t going to let that keep us down its a long race and anything can happen,” he said.

“We had good pace and the car was comfortable in the opening warmup so we were feeling pretty good. Starting off last the race started well and was having a lot of fun racing with some guys but just trying to clear them to be honest.”

“When I finally did and was heading off to catch the next bunch not even a corner later the throttle got jammed as I braked into Murrays corner which sent me straight on into the sand trap.”

“So got pulled out of the sand and tried to press on but under safety car the same thing happened over the top for the mountain and we thought it safer to pit and find the issue.”

“Issue resolved but a problem during a lengthy pitstop earned a drive through. Got that out of the way and getting around trying to salvage something not long after I felt that dreadful feeling I remembered from qualifying.”

“A wheel came loose and with the problems we had in that race, we decided to avoid damage trying to get it back to the pits and just retired from the race.”

Chahda’s next race will be Dunlop Supe2 finale at the Coates Hire Newcastle 500 in late November.

Photo: Chahda Motorsport