Murphy: 2018 Hampton Downs 12 Hour “will be massive”

Murphy: 2018 Hampton Downs 12 Hour “will be massive”
August 7, 2017 | 3:46 pm | Author: Steven Wright

Greg Murphy says the inaugural Hampton Downs 12 Hour will be a massive event which will attract international teams and drivers down to New Zealand next year.

Last week, SRO announced that Hampton Downs will get a 12 Hour race and will feature in the Asia Pacific 36 Endurance Cup next year alongside the Bathurst 12 Hour and Sepang 12 Hour races.

The well-known Kiwi driver Greg Murphy who has won many times at Hampton Downs in the V8SuperTourers on the original circuit with his trusty Mike Pero Holden.

He also raced on the new extended circuit while co-driving with Tony Quinn at the Hampton Downs 101 last year.

However, Murphy said in his column on the NZ Herald website that Kiwis will enjoy the international 12 Hour race that is coming to the North Waikato circuit next year where he expects international teams and top talented drivers will come and race in New Zealand’s 12 Hour race starting in 2018.

“Kiwi fans have a big reason to be happy on this side of the Tasman with news Hampton Downs will host a round of a new Asia Pacific 12 Hour GT series next year along with Bathurst and Sepang,” Murphy said in his column.

“It is massive. It will be a huge international event. It is going to bring a huge amount of international talent and teams to race in New Zealand.”

“The 12 Hour at Bathurst has been going from strength to strength to now become a world renowned event. To be able to tag onto that as part of series and to come down to New Zealand I think we are in for an exciting event that will be very popular.”

The Hampton Downs 12 Hour race and the newly created Asia Pacific 36 Endurance Cup has already attracted some interest with reporting that Nissan are looking into a possible entry.

The inaugural Hampton Downs 12 Hour has been slated with a October 2018 date.

Photo: Alan Suter