INTERVIEW: Matt Halliday aiming for podium finish

INTERVIEW: Matt Halliday aiming for podium finish
January 24, 2017 | 7:30 pm | Author: Braeden Leggett

American based New Zealand racing driver Matt Halliday sat down with’s Braeden Leggett to discuss about his Bathurst 12hr drive and his 2017 motorsport commitments.

Matt Halliday will be driving for Team ASR in an Audi R8 alongside Daniel Gaunt and Ash Samadi.

APEX: You have raced at Bathurst in both V8 Supercars and in GT3 cars. What piece of machinery is more fun to race around the mountain?

Halliday: Gt3 is much more enjoyable. More grip / faster but the V8 race has so much appeal / fan base. Both are great events.

APEX: Why Audi?

Halliday: I know Audi well and have driven for either Audi or Porsche ( VW group ) in various championships for the last 15 years so no need to change at the moment.


APEX: What is your personal realistic goal to achieve in this race? What is the most challenging part of a long race like this?

Halliday: Win / podium in the Class just like last year.

APEX: Since your racing for Audi, how much are you going to lean on the Jamec Pem entries for setup work through the weekend?

Halliday: I know the cars and track well and what’s needed to go fast from the package but it’s always good to have more data and brains to share stuff.

APEX: What do you think of the drivers you will be sharing the car with? How strong of a relationship do you have with them and will that have an effect in the race?

Halliday: I think we have a great line up for our class. I know Dan really well, it’s cool to be driving together and ash has been around the Aussie racing scene for many years. I will do what I can to help and share my experience with them.


APEX: As the Audi Racing Australia has around 6-7 entries for the Bathurst 12 Hour. Is that an advantage when it comes down to collaboration work in terms of setups and strategies?

Halliday: MPC are a good team and we all have plenty of track and endurance experience. You need to focus as well on your car and your teammates.

APEX: What other driving commitments do you have planned for your 2017 Motorsport schedule?

Halliday: Some GT stuff here in the USA. Hopefully, it’s more down under…and you never know, teams get budgets together they know my number. Would be good to do the V8 enduros again if a team is sorted on the financial side I would jump back at that. would like to thank Matt Halliday for spending time answering these questions.

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