INTERVIEW: “#marjarmy” prepares for the upcoming season

INTERVIEW: “#marjarmy” prepares for the upcoming season
February 25, 2017 | 7:53 pm | Author: Alan Suter

Apex News NZ recently spoke to Adam Marjoram to talk about the upcoming Super2 season aswell as his goals, aspirations and the new trend  “#marjarmy”

You’ve recently completed a test day out at Queensland Raceway previously tell us how they went and what you wanted to achieve and did you achieve everything you set out to.

Yeah, we had a great two-day test at Queensland Raceway. It was very much about acclimatizing to the new car, seeing how it was different and how to set the new car up. They are very different cars (last year v this year), but we got through our program and it was very beneficial! The new car looks amazing too!

What are the expectations heading to Clipsal?

Not sure yet! Will tell you afterward haha. I just want to keep the car clean, bank points and see how we fair. There will be a lot of new cars this year, so if we can move up the field that is all we want!

What are Adam Marjoram’s goals and expectations for the season?

I have to keep moving in the right direction, and we have the car and team to keep learning and gathering experience. Realistically, this is not a one or two year journey, it is much more as evidenced by the amount of time the leaders have spent in the category – it is highly competitive!

I want to be able to fight higher up the field and just keep working on everything to give us the best shot at winning in the future.

Having raced stepped up into a COTF chassis, what are the biggest changes you’ve noticed?

I think the list will be shorter if I told you the similarities! No, look most things are different, yes it has four wheels and an engine, but the ergonomics, aero, suspension, brakes and transaxle are very different and it requires a slightly different driving style to what I employed last year.

During race weekends, how much technical data does a Super2 team like Matt Stone Racing gets from T8 affiliated main game teams?

T8 is a nice sounding board to be able to get some ideas from, but as we run different suspension packages, we tend to have a great direction anyway that is slightly different to T8. Plus Wes (McDougall) and Luke (Dinsdale) are two very experienced engineers and are extremely good at what they do, so we normally end up where we need to be.

What are your thoughts on Supercars giving Super2 drivers the chance to race as wildcards at selected rounds and is there a possibility of seeing you race as a wildcard this year? Can you share any news regarding that?

I love it! Great idea to help get us the experience needed to compete in the worlds hardest touring car category. You never know what may happen….. 😉

You’ve recently launched “#marjarmy” could you give as run down on what it is and how it call came out

Yeah! This is really cool. I am tremendously lucky that I have great support from everyone, and one of my supporters (Amy) coined the term #marjarmy, and then it kind of took off! So I thought it may be a great way to get everyone involved even more and get their names on the car. So now if you call 08 9370 5020 you can pay via credit card over the phone and get your name on our car!

Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to your supporters and followers?

I could go on about this, but I am seriously lucky to have everyone’s support. As a kid, if I was told that I would have 1 follower I wouldn’t have believed you. But it is a truly overwhelming and amazing feeling to have such loyal and passionate people, and I truly love nothing more than to catch up with everyone on social media or in person. I always try to take the time to thank everyone, because I don’t think many people realize how special it is and how much it really means to me – so thank you, everyone!!!


Photo: Adam Marjoram