INTERVIEW: Jake Kostecki

INTERVIEW: Jake Kostecki
January 20, 2017 | 8:00 pm | Author: Steven Wright‘s Steven Wright caught up with the young Western Australian Jake Kostecki,who will turn 17 next Tuesday, to talk about his rookie season and the upcoming Dunlop Series season.

APEX: For anyone who doesn’t know who Jake Kostecki is, Tell us bit about yourself.

JAKE: I’m 16 years old racing in the Supercars Dunlop series that just has a passion for all types of Motorsport. I love my sports which is also good for my fitness into Supercars but of course Motorsport always is priority. 

APEX: Was the boyhood dream always to be a race car driver?

JAKE: I’ve been around Motorsport my whole life with my dad and uncle racing drag cars and being a V8 Supercar engine builder so it was always my dream since I can remember to become a Supercar driver. It’s in my blood it’s what I was born to do 😉 

APEX: What was your first experience in Motorsport and how did you get into it?

JAKE: My first experience at Motorsport would be at a drag car track but then dad bought me a go-kart when I turned 8 and ever since then I’ve been at a race track most weeks of my life.

APEX: Looking back at your rookie year in the Dunlop Series, Did you feel you met the objectives that you made at the start of the season? And what were they? :

JAKE: Well I believe I didn’t reach maximum potential for my rookie year but it was a massive learning curve for me and hopefully something good will come soon.

APEX: Is there anything about 2016 you wish you could have changed or done better?

JAKE: 2016 is what it is and no one can change that but it’s a new year now so we’re going to press on as a team and make it an even memorable one.

APEX: What would be your high and low points of 2016?

JAKE: My high would have to be racing at Mount Panorama Bathurst because that is just a dream come true in it’s self, such an unforgivable track and also has so much history which is also pretty cool. I don’t have a major low because I didn’t have high expectations on my rookie year.

APEX: What was it like to finally driver a Supercar around the mountain?

JAKE: Yeah like I said such an amazing track, TV doesn’t do it for justice because in real life it is so much different. It’s bitten the legends and to see why there has been some big moments it was surreal.

APEX: What are your plans for 2017?

JAKE: My plans for 2017 is just to move forward with my whole team, be consistent and try to be more competitive in the first half of the field.

APEX: Any chance of having an Pirtek Endurance drive for 2017?

JAKE: The chances are low at the moment because last year wasn’t an ideal year being my debut but depends how I go in the first few rounds because it’s a new year!!

Photo: RAID Photography