INTERVIEW: Bryce Fullwood would love to return to the NZ Touring Cars

INTERVIEW: Bryce Fullwood would love to return to the NZ Touring Cars
January 23, 2017 | 4:30 pm | Author: Steven Wright

Bryce Fullwood has spent the last two seasons in the Dunlop Series and finished a career high 14th in the points standings last year. He stopped by to speak to‘s Steven Wright about the 2016 season and a bit on his stint in the NZ Touring Cars in 2015.

APEX: For anyone who doesn’t know who Bryce Fullwood is, Tell us a bit about yourself.

FULLWOOD: I’m 18years old and a born and bred Territorian, I’ve always been an outside kid who’s grown up working on things in the shed with dad. I never played on X-boxes as I had so many other things I wanted to do. I’m creative with what I have around me and if you ask dad, he’d say sometimes too creative. I love motorbike riding, fishing and working on old cars.

APEX: Was it always your boyhood dream to be a race car driver?

FULLWOOD: No actually it wasn’t, Darwin isn’t a normal breeding ground for racecar drivers so I hadn’t even thought about it when I was young. It wasn’t until I got the opportunity to race Go Karts down south and was able to mix it with the best and win some of Australia’s most prestigious events, that I believed I could pursue a career in Motorsports.

APEX: What was your first experience in Motorsport and how did you get into it?

FULLWOOD: My first experience was in a hire go kart, while I was hanging around with my friend, dad got talking to a member of the Darwin Karting Association who was down at the track with his son, by the time we left that day, I’d had a go in his kart and was hooked and dad had organised to buy the kart.

APEX: Looking back at last season in the Dunlop Series. Did you feel you met the objectives that you made at the start of the season? And what were they?

FULLWOOD: My objectives of the season was a top 5 finish and to be consistently top 10. I was able to meet my top 5 finish, however I wasn’t able to consistently finish in the top 10 like I wanted.

APEX: What would be your high and low points of 2016?

FULLWOOD: My highest point for the year was my last event at Homebush, where I came 3rd in Race 1. My lowest point was Townsville where I came together twice with my teammate. 

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APEX: Last season you raced in the BNT NZ Touring Cars and got some solid results, with a best of 2nd in a few races. How was that series for you and are you looking to return to the series in the future?

FULLWOOD: I’d love to return to the series in the future if I was given the opportunity, however I’m struggling with budget for the Dunlop Series for 2017. I really enjoyed driving the NZ Touring Cars, they are a great car and are different to the Australian V8 Supercars to drive.

APEX: After racing in the NZ Touring Cars in 2015, how would you compare the NZTC with Supercars/Dunlop Series?

FULLWOOD: The Dunlop Series are definitely more competitive and the cars are more inconsistent where the NZTC are more even. 

APEX: Last year it was reported that you were struggling to put together a sponsorship package to run in the Dunlop Series this year. Are you close to finalising any deals to race in the Dunlop Series this year?

FULLWOOD: I’m close to finalising a deal, however funding is still a major issue. My dream of racing a COTF for the whole year is fading fast meaning I will have to race an older generation car again if it all comes together. I’m definitely still looking for sponsors and its going to be an on going struggle during 2017.

APEX: Is there anything you would like add at the end of this Q&A?

FULLWOOD: I’d like to thank Middys for their awesome support over the past couple of years, Matthew White for believing in me and helping me out so much during 2016 and my parents and family who do so much in the background trying to secure sponsors and carry out fundraising events. would like to thank Bryce Fullwood spending time answering these questions.