Holden adds Formula First and GoKart racing to his Aussie Driver Search prep

Holden adds Formula First and GoKart racing to his Aussie Driver Search prep
August 24, 2018 | 7:00 pm | Author: Steven Wright

Auckland-based Barry Holden has added racing at the Hamilton Go Kart Club plus a round of the Hi-Q Components Formula First Championship for his preparation for his Aussie Driver Search attack.

As previously reported by apexnews.co.nz, Holden signed up to Aussie Driver Search’s August 8 event at Pukekohe Park but last month, the Australian platform was forced to cancel the event.

The participants of the Pukekohe round were given an option to switch to another round or a refund. Holden opted to re-enter in the Wakefield Park round in early November.

He remains in the ‘Pro competition’ which the ultimate prize is a fully-funded 2019 Dunlop Super2 Series drive with title-winning squad Matt Stone Racing.

“Yes, but I did have the feeling when the email came through, they said they would try and organise something else and that kept me going,” Holden said.

“The new Pukekohe circuit with that chicane on the back straight (which was put in mid-2012), I never done that part before. I’ve just done the old school track where you go straight down to the hairpin.”

“I would have to relearn the track anyways, so its not really a big loss for me.”

“They put Wakefield on as an option for the Pukekohe participants.”

“Like I said in the first interview, I always had the feeling it [previous track knowledge] doesn’t matter like if you’re a real driver you should be on the pace anyway.”

“I hate the excuse ‘I’ve never been to the track before’, for race events you get a decent amount of practice and by the end of the day you should be there on the pace.”

As Holden hasn’t raced for ‘four years’, he revealed that he switched to a gym which is closer to his home and decided to improve his race craft through karting and racing at a NZ Formula First round at Manfield.

“Once I entered and I hadn’t raced for four years,” he said.

“I knew I had to get my fitness up, I was already a member at a gym but I’d changed my gym membership to another gym which is a lot closer to home.”

“At the moment I’m going three nights a week and I thought what else is a good way to do it, karting. Karting can be real physical and to just turn the mind back on like when you are in the race mindset.”

“I called one of our old friends, the Grimshaw family, who are based in Hamilton and he said I’ve got three or four karts you can lease off me.”

“I do own a go-kart but its not up to standard. So I asked myself the question do I spend $900 on that and buying all the licences for the kart and ending up spending around $2000 or just lease a raceable one.”

“He gave us a discount off what would’ve been $300 per round. So I felt that was the best way to go, spend a little to get to where I want to be by November.”

“Then I wanted to enter in the NZ Formula First, I’ve raced with Dennis [Martin] before with my old mentor Craig Greenwood, he’s brought a couple of cars and he’s doing a couple of them up.”

“He isn’t sure if it going to be ready, but I will race the Formula First race on September 2 at Manfield. I will also look at doing another go-kart meeting as well.”

When asked about his gym workouts, Holden added: “I don’t want to put on any more weight, so I stayed away from all the weights. So most of it has been cardio.”

“So I’ll do a 20-min run, followed by a 20-min bike ride, 10-min row and finish with a 20-min run. So I’ll do that for three days, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.”

“Then with the plan on racing during race weekends either in a Go-Kart or something else, so if I raced on a Sunday, I’ll won’t go to the gym tomorrow [Monday]. Just Tuesday through to Thursday so I can have that rest day.”

Barry Holden will be racing at Manfeild in the Hi-Q Components Formula First Championship on September 2 plus more go-kart meetings at Hamilton, Mt Wellington, Auckland and Whangarei.

VIDEO: Barry Holden at Kartsport Hamilton last month

Photo // Andy Garlepp Photography