Hampton Downs set for a 12-hour GT3 race next year

Hampton Downs set for a 12-hour GT3 race next year
July 31, 2017 | 5:04 pm | Author: Steven Wright

SRO announced a couple days ago that Hampton Downs will be added to the Asian GT3 series calendar as part of the all-new Asia Pacific 36 Endurance Cup.

The 2018 Asia Pacific 36 Endurance Cup will feature the Bathurst 12 Hour,  Sepang 12 Hour, and now the inaugural Hampton Downs 12 Hour.

The infamous Bathurst 12 Hour will continue to feature in the successful Intercontinental GT Challenge, which will see the Suzuka 10 Hours replacing the Sepang 12 Hour in that championship.

SRO owner Stephan Ratel points out the Southern Hemisphere series will cater more to the smaller and less funded teams, while the Intercontinental GT Challenge will be focused around factory-run teams like Audi, McLaren and Mercedes

“It’s not really the manufacturer part of it,” Ratel said.

“I think Intercontinental is really for manufacturer teams. This is to really put together some Asian and Australian teams that would be happy to do this.”

“I think it could be a big [success]. Some drivers would want to do this at the end of the season.”

It is understood that the Hampton Downs 12 Hour is likely to have an October date, with the Sepang 12 Hour following it in December and the Bathurst 12 Hour to set up the finale.

Photo: Alan Suter