Erebus recreates the ’76 Team Brock Torana livery

Erebus recreates the ’76 Team Brock Torana livery
September 12, 2017 | 8:40 am | Author: Steven Wright

Erebus Motorsport has recreated the livery used by Team Brock when they won the Sandown enduro in 1976 for this weekend’s Supercars retro round at Sandown.

The Reynolds/Youlden Erebus Penrite Holden will run the Sandown 500 in the same colours of the Team Brock Holden which won the 1976 Sandown 500.

The Sandown victory was the second in a run of seven straight for Peter Brock in the Sandown classic that stretched from 1975 to 1981.

Erebus’ tribute has been embraced by Peter Brock’s younger brother Phil, but he sees Erebus’ position fighting against the bigger teams as similar to that faced by Team Brock in ’76.

“Pete and Sandown just had something with each other and if he finished he won; that year we won by two laps and it really shocked a lot of people, it was pretty special,” Phil Brock recalled.

“Personally, I had not driven with my brother before and when he went out by himself that year he asked if I would drive with him in the endurance races which I was very happy to do.”

“I look at Erebus Motorsport being a small team who have had to work very hard to get somewhere and I think they are doing a great job, it’s a bit like that small team we had in 1976, you had the factory teams out there but we were a one-off team.”


The team’s lead driver David Reynolds is happy to follow the 70’s fashion by changeing the team name to Team Erebus, similar to the old school Team Brock.

“It’s great to be heading to Sandown in 70’s fashion with the Team Brock car, branded Team Erebus,” Reynolds said.

“Peter certainly raised the bar, and hopefully we can replicate his success this weekend, although by two laps could be a bit of a stretch.

“It’s the best livery we’ve had, it’s really clean and simple and showcases the Australian made and owned theme for Penrite.”