Dixon thankful for IndyCars safety innovations

Dixon thankful for IndyCars safety innovations
May 29, 2017 | 11:55 am | Author: Steven Wright

Scott Dixon was in a scary airborne crash earlier this morning but told the media outside the medical centre that he is thanks IndyCar for the safety innovations.

As previously reported that Dixon and Howard walked away from a spectacular crash on lap 54 of the Indianapolis 500, includes video.

After having his car thrown into the air, the 36-years old walked away unharmed, but sadden of the lost opportunity after starting from the pole.

“Just a little beaten up there. It was definitely a rough ride,” Dixon said after getting back to pitlane.

“I am just bummed for the team. We had a great shot. We got a little loose on the first stint there but they dialed it in and we were starting to make some progress.”

“Overall I just think we were a little bit light on downforce but later in the race that would have been the right move to have.”

“I’m glad everyone is ok – it was a wild ride for sure. A big thanks to Dallara and everybody with the safety standards we have now.”


The remains of Dixon’s damaged Chip Ganassi Racing Honda; Photo: jeffgluck.com

Dixon explained that he had to make a split-second decision about which way to move to try and avoid Howard’s car but it turned out to be a potential fatal wreck.

“I was hoping Jay was going to stay against the wall but obviously with the impact it started to turn down but I had already picked that way to go and there was nowhere else to try and avoid him,” he said.

“I’m glad he’s ok too. You just have to believe in the safety progress we have had over the last many years.”

Photos: jeffgluck.com