Davison linked to the new 23Red 2018 seat

Davison linked to the new 23Red 2018 seat
November 23, 2017 | 8:03 pm | Author: Steven Wright

An experienced pair of hands could be required for the satellite Prodrive Ford team could keep Will Davison full-time in Supercars after being linked to the new team.

Davison who said before Newcastle hinted that it could be his last solo start in the category while rumours have linked him to the revamped LDM team, 23Red Racing.

While team founder Lucas Dumbrell said they have found “someone special” to race the Falcon, but won’t name it as contractual issues could arise.

As it would a manufacturer change for Will Davison, it appears that contractually that the two-year Tekno deal stops him being announced if the rumours are true.

This opens a door at Tekno Autosport who Jack Le Brocq appears to be the favourite as he brings much-needed funding for that seat, even though he has a shot at the open Nissan seat.

The second Lucas Dumbrell Motorsport RECt has been sold to Prodrive, with the formalities of having the Supercars Board approval in the coming weeks.

That fourth Prodrive seat will be going to super quick Richie Stanaway which Boost Mobile could be his major backer.

The future of the Britek Motorsport REC is up in the air, but Matt Stone Racing still remains the favourite for that to bring Todd Hazelwood to the main game with an ex-Penske Ford.

Next season could see a bunch of rookies on the grid, Anton de Pasquale (Erebus), Richie Stanaway (Prodrive), Todd Hazelwood (Matt Stone), James Golding (GRM), and Jack Le Brocq (Tekno/Nissan).

Photo:Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images AsiaPac