Bathurst Memories: Lowndes’s Broken Windshield

Bathurst Memories: Lowndes’s Broken Windshield
September 28, 2015 | 6:00 am | Author: Braeden Leggett

Craig Lowndes headed into the 2005 Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 with the best of confidence, after claiming pole position in the shootout.

He then had a blistering race start by extending an early lead to the front of The Great Race, but then the carnage broke loose.

The #24 Perkins Racing Engineering vehicle of ex full-time V8 Supercar driver Paul Dumbrell, crashed at Griffins bend early on in the race. The sporting guard was damaged and was never repaired during the entire race.

Team Owner Larry Perkins insisted the damage to not be repaired so they could continue on in the race, still with a chance to get good track position despite the sporting guard being damaged.

It was only a matter of time before an would incident to occur.

Current driver of the #24 Commodore at the time, Paul Dumbrell speared into the wall as he approached the cutting, tearing the left-front wheel off the Holden VZ Commodore.

The wheel flew high in the air, bounced off a fence nearby, and slammed into the passenger side windscreen of the #888 Better Electrical Falcon of Craig Lowndes. Forcing the team to remove both the rear and front before rejoining the race.

The diagonal “Larry-bar” which runs behind the windscreen saved Lowndes from further disaster.

The Steven Richards and Paul Dumbrell pairing, ended the race with a DNF, whilst Lowndes and Yvan still managed to claim an impressive 15th spot.

“We went to Bathurst with great hopes, the car was absolutely magical, it did everything we needed it to.”

“Until we got a wheel stuck.”

Lowndes was still disappointed in the result, but was luckily able to walk away from the incident with no injuries taken place.

This was one of my personal favourite Bathurst memories as it was a very odd incident and was very memorable in the 2005 Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000.

Despite having a wheel go through the windscreen at 100-200 kilometres an hour, the #888 managed to still claim a top 15.

Video: Craig Lowndes Hits Wheel at Bathurst