Bathurst Memories: Lowndes beats Murphy’s lap record

Bathurst Memories: Lowndes beats Murphy’s lap record
September 30, 2015 | 6:00 am | Author: Steven Wright

One of my favourite memories at Bathurst was in 2010 when the Vodafone Commodore of Lowndes/Skaife [with Lowndes behind the wheel] performed two mock-qualifying runs in the final pre-qualifying practice session on Friday with the second one broke the track record set by Murph which stood for seven years.

This was a massive achievement from Craig Lowndes and Triple Eight Race Engineering to break Greg Murphy’s ‘lap of the gods’ from 2003.

“For Craig to do a lap like this, I was saying to Neil [Crompton] before, it was one of his best laps,” said Mark Skaife on the Friday coverage on Channel 7.

“There was not a foot wrong for 6.2km and ultimate commitment. It [Bathurst] is a rewarding track when you get it really right.”

In the final pre-qualifying practice session Craig Lowndes completed two mock-qualifying runs on the same tyre set. The run Lowndes completed was a 2m07.1951 and the second run was a 2m06.8012.

“The remarkable thing for me is Craig did this on the second lap on this tyre set,” said Crompton.

“Having previously being intrupted like everybody else by red flags, they all sat down, tyres, brakes and the driver’s minds have cooled down, and everything has gone cold.”

“You have to go back out and stand up on the saddle. It was kinda like a shootout in that sense. To do it back to back and the second lap was that tiny bit quicker than the first one was amazing.”

When Lowndes got back to the pits after that session he was so proud of his accomplishment and told his fans on his YouTube channel.

“It was an unbelievable day, we actually managed to break a record after about eight years,” Lowndes said on his YouTube channel.

“Greg Murphy held it for so long, we managed to put a lap together which was clean, smooth, and faster enough to take it by about six thousands of a second.”

“So for me it was quite an unbelievable moment, to now be known as the fastest man around Mount Panorama.”

Video: Lowndes breaks the track record