Bathurst Memories: Frosty’s First Bathurst Win

Bathurst Memories: Frosty’s First Bathurst Win
September 26, 2015 | 6:00 am | Author: Jordie Peters

“Yeah Boys we just won Bathurst woo-hoo-hoo!!!” Those words, that radio message will forever be something I remember. That radio message that Mark Winterbottom sent back to his team just before turn 23, on lap 161, at the 2013 Bathurst 1000, is something that will forever be familiar to Ford fans.

Whincup fans, this #BathurstMemory isn’t for you, because this memory is Mark Winterbottom’s long awaited first Bathurst 1000 Victory.

As a massive fan of V8 Supercars and Ford supporter, I had been counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to the event waiting to see if Ford could finally win another 1000.

I wasn’t expecting too much throughout the race as I knew something would have to go wrong, but around the 130 lap mark I started to think it was actually going to happen.

The final 10 laps seemed to take 10 hours to reach, but the focus was on the epic battle between Bright, Tander and Lowndes. A battle which would see ‘Lowndesy’ pass them both through the chase and jump onto the podium.

Finally, the final lap. Lap 161. 993.781km down, 6.213 to go.

A poor exit off turn 1 by Winterbottom gave Whincup a free shot heading into griffins bend leaving Frosty to do nothing but cover the inside line.

“He [Winterbottom] moves right and further right and right again” Said commentator Neil Crompton.

“He’s gonna drop a spot here”

“Their side by side.”

“Hold ya breath Australia”

However Frosty held on to P1 to the delight of Ford fans across the world.

One of the biggest rivalries in the sport had again witnessed another epic battle, this time Winterbottom and Ford taking it out for Frosty’s and FPR’s first EVER Bathurst 1000 win!

The remainder of the lap was filled with Cliches from Crompton and his fellow commentators, so instead of writing them all out, why not just watch the final lap of what was one of Australia’s great races.

Video: Winterbottom and Richards wins at Bathurst