Bathurst Memories: Chaz Mostert takes a final lap victory

Bathurst Memories: Chaz Mostert takes a final lap victory
September 27, 2015 | 6:00 am | Author: Jordie Peters

The year everything and anything was possible at the Mountain, just last year, the 2014 Bathurst 1000 was arguably one of, if not, the best races we have ever witnessed around Mount Panorama.

The 2014 Bathurst 1000 was looking good for FPR, as they were going into the event as reigning 1000 champions after Mark Winterbottom’s breakthrough win in 2013. However, once it got down to the business end of the event it couldn’t have gotten any worse for Chaz Mostert having received a qualifying penalty for passing under a Red Flag which resulted to him being relegated to the rear of the grid for Sundays Great Race. Things got even worse when Paul Morris jumped into the car under safety car during the race and the combination of cold tyres, a degrading track and driver error sent him into the wall.

Then came the last few moments in the race. SVG out. Frosty around. CL gone. Whincup struggling.

Every Ford fan (including myself) sitting on the edge of their seats as we listened to the commentators relaying radio messages between pit-lane and car #1. Would Whincup have enough fuel? Was it just for ‘TV’? Was Chaz faster or was Whincup holding back? All those questions and no answers!

Then is happened, Whincup finally acknowledged he needed to save fuel, it must have been true. He was surely in trouble.

As they ticked over to lap 161 and Mostert reached the back of the Red Bull Commodore coming up to mountain straight and into turn 2.

Mostert took the high line into, through and out of the cutting, just reminding Whincup he was ready to pounce.

Across the top of the mountain they went, Whincup still in-front and Mostert still waiting for his moment before pulling out over Mcphillamy Park and then sticking his nose on the inside at Skyline, however he was unsuccessful.

Then it was time for the manoeuvre at Forest Elbow.

“He cops a whack, and another one and Mostert goes through on the inside!” said Neil Crompton with a diminishing voice.

Ford fans launched from their seats with joy, cheering for their driver. Their Champion of the Mountain.

He had done it! He had won Ford and FPR their second Bathurst victory in a row.

The fuel-less Whincup left to roll home to 5th after being passed by an Erebus car right before the line.

The best ending I have ever seen in a V8 Supercars race, possibly the best ever end of a race in Motorsport history.

It just goes to show anything is possible at the Mountain! You can start last, put the car in the wall, but as long as you remember to put fuel in it, you can still win Australia’s Great Race.

Video: 2014 Bathurst 1000 Final Laps