Bathurst Memories: Ambrose and Murphy Faceoff

Bathurst Memories: Ambrose and Murphy Faceoff
September 25, 2015 | 6:00 am | Author: Steven Wright

The famous Ambrose/Murphy incident wasn’t one of my favourite memories but it is one the memories that I will always remember every year when Bathurst come around.

On the lap 145 restart the defending Bathurst 1000 champion Greg Murphy and the defending series champion Marcos Ambrose found battling each other for 4th after Murphy made a mistake a Griffens Bend.

Both drivers weren’t going to let each other through which ended with the Supercheap Auto Racing Commodore making contact to the Pirtek Racing Falcon at The Cutting resulting both drivers with a DNF.

Both cars were real contenders for the win. The incident torn Marcos Ambrose’s Pirtek Falcon apart and ending up blocking the circuit with a sea of V8 Supercars queued behind them.

Marcos Ambrose’s Stone Brothers Racing Falcon BA was torn apart in the incident, blocking the circuit, a sea of Supercars queued behind them.

Both Greg Murphy and Marcos Ambrose sprung out of their cars and proceeded to point fingers and throw words at one another. Marcos Ambrose clearly removes his white balaclava – having not worn it earlier in the race which was another key moment of that race.

“We were racing for it and I expected he would do a proper job and give me racing room to go around the corner together, he (Ambrose) decided that I should have to give way and that is what happened. He pegged me into the wall and I catapulted him around … bloody stupid if you ask me,” said the kiwi legend Greg Murphy.

“Marcos, as always, thinks he is in the right and thinks everyone should give way to him. I’m not going to play that game. He has got an ego problem, we all know about it and it’s reared its ugly head again today. I’m pretty angry. I don’t want to have to put up with him. He can take what I said and leave, I won’t be crying about it.”

While Marcos Ambrose – who has never won a Bathurst 1000 in his time in V8 Supercars – was annoyed at the incident, he also had his third consecutive Championship title to worry about.

“It has destroyed our race, destroyed a lot of others too and now it might have destroyed my Championship, who knows. He had the chance to avoid an accident and he did not. I guess we are going to have a great crack for the title,” said the defending series champion, Marcos Ambrose.

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